Things to be Thankful for

  1. Family – Your family loves you very much.
  2. Clothing – You wear these things to cover.
  3. Food – You eat this to stay alive.
  4. Water – you drink this to be hydrated.
  5. Music – to have a jam! 😉
  6. Phones – to keep in touch.
  7. Shoes – To walk around and not get blisters.
  8. Socks – To keep your feet warm and cozy!
  9. Coats – To keep your body warm in cold weather.
  10. Hats – To keep your head warm.
  11. Watches – To keep track of time.
  12. Books –  To get smart!
  13. Makeup – So you can hide up things you don’t want showing on your face.
  14. Purses – To hold things you don’t want to carry around in your arms all day.
  15. School – To learn and become smart



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