Makeup haul

Photo on 11-22-18 at 8.32 PM
Photo on 11-22-18 at 8.33 PM
Those are my eye shadows!
As you saw inside the profusion book, there is eye shadow, lip gloss, eye liner, blush, and bronzer!
Photo on 11-22-18 at 8.31 PM #2
Thats my blush and highlighter.
Photo on 11-22-18 at 8.30 PM
These are my lip products! The ones with the gold cap are lip glosses, the pencil is a lip liner by wet n wild, and the white lip stick is by CoLouRPoP. The color of the lip stick is amethyst.
Photo on 11-22-18 at 8.29 PM
Those are my mascaras, the purple ones by covergirl and the yellow ones by wet n wild.
Photo on 11-22-18 at 8.28 PM #3Photo on 11-22-18 at 8.26 PM
And those are my makeup brushes! The white ones are by elf and the gold ones are unicorns. (I forgot what brand)

Photo on 11-22-18 at 8.25 PM

My highlighters!

Photo on 11-22-18 at 8.24 PM

Finally, my bag.

Thank you!!


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