Fall makeup look

This is a great time of year to do the fall makeup look!

Photo on 11-23-18 at 11.31 AM

These are the brushes that I use.

I will show the whole look at the end! And how I do it. 🙂

Photo on 11-23-18 at 11.30 AM #3

Photo on 11-22-18 at 8.33 PM

These are my eyeshadows. I use the light brown colors.

Photo on 11-23-18 at 11.30 AM

My foundation.

Photo on 11-23-18 at 11.29 AM

I use a touch of light highlighter.

Photo on 11-23-18 at 11.29 AM #2

I use both mascaras.

Photo on 11-23-18 at 11.30 AM #2

And finally, my lip balm. 🙂

Photo on 11-23-18 at 11.46 AM

The very first thing that I do is add my foundation every where on my face.

Photo on 11-23-18 at 11.48 AM #2

Next I put a light coat of peachy colored highlighter on my nose and cheekbones .

Photo on 11-23-18 at 11.50 AM

Then I add a bit of blush on the cheeks.

Photo on 11-23-18 at 11.52 AM Photo on 11-23-18 at 11.56 AM

Now I add some brown eyeshadow. In the silver beauty book I add a white base then a light brown, then a shimmer brown above the eyelid.

Photo on 11-23-18 at 12.01 PM.jpg

Next I add my mascara.

Photo on 11-23-18 at 12.04 PM

Last, I smear a tiny bit of my amethyst color lip stick.

Photo on 11-23-18 at 12.16 PM

Final look!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Whats your favorite makeup look?


Makeup haul

Photo on 11-22-18 at 8.32 PM
Photo on 11-22-18 at 8.33 PM
Those are my eye shadows!
As you saw inside the profusion book, there is eye shadow, lip gloss, eye liner, blush, and bronzer!
Photo on 11-22-18 at 8.31 PM #2
Thats my blush and highlighter.
Photo on 11-22-18 at 8.30 PM
These are my lip products! The ones with the gold cap are lip glosses, the pencil is a lip liner by wet n wild, and the white lip stick is by CoLouRPoP. The color of the lip stick is amethyst.
Photo on 11-22-18 at 8.29 PM
Those are my mascaras, the purple ones by covergirl and the yellow ones by wet n wild.
Photo on 11-22-18 at 8.28 PM #3Photo on 11-22-18 at 8.26 PM
And those are my makeup brushes! The white ones are by elf and the gold ones are unicorns. (I forgot what brand)

Photo on 11-22-18 at 8.25 PM

My highlighters!

Photo on 11-22-18 at 8.24 PM

Finally, my bag.

Thank you!!

Yummy lemonade!


Fresh lemons,



The very first step is to pour your cold (doesn’t matter how much) water into a pitcher, each cup of water you need one lemon. Now your going to cut your lemon(s) and squeeze it into your water. You can use a juicer if it makes it easier. Mix until all together. After mixed add 1-2 tbsp of sugar. I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe!

sliced lemon

Iso banana blend smoothie


One banana,

1/2 cup of blueberries,

3-4 cherries,

2 tbsp natural peanut butter,

one scoop of plain, zero sugar, protein powder (isopure),

one tbsp chia seeds,

1/2 cup heavy cream,

2 cups of vanilla almond milk.

The very first thing you do is to pour your heavy cream into your blender. Next is to put everything else in (doesent matter what order). Now your going to blend your smoothie until all things are mixed together. Enjoy!